Aluminium Awnings

Custom-designing, manufacturing and installing aluminium awnings for homes and businesses across South-East Queensland.

Total Shade Solutions offers a wide variety of timeless coloured aluminium awnings. Combined with clever utilisation of local and natural resources, it’s the perfect way to protect your home or business from harsh Queensland weather conditions.

Our friendly Brisbane shade experts will work with you to match your exact requirements and infrastructure, no matter how small, large or specialised. Get your free quote today!

Hooded awnings

  • Utilising the traditional hooded style, hooded awnings offer shade and protection from the elements either on a patio or over a window.

Lourved awnings

  • With both fixed and adjustable options, you can control the light and air flow in any room.
  • The perfect shade solution for a high or low set home, complete with internal and external control mechanisms.
  • Choose from large range of colourbond colours. We’ll work with you to match and enhance your home’s décor and aesthetic appeal.

Aluminium Fixed Shutters

  • Ideal for the end of the patio that doesn’t require light control but still needs to block heat and harmful direct sunlight.
  • Perfect for the bathrooms and showers, aluminium fixed shutters offer extra privacy in aesthetically appealing colourbond colours.

Contact us today to get an aluminium awnings quote, or arrange a free, no-obligation quote!

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