Our Brisbane Shade Structures are designed to give you extra coverage for your home, swimming pool, patio, veranda, entertainment area, caravan or carport.

Shade Structures are usually a more practical option for larger areas, requiring fewer support poles than traditional shade sails.

This “mini roof” structure is specially designed to take the weight and tension off the fabric, helping it last the test of time.

We design our shade structures for harsh Queensland weather.

  • More air flow and less evaporation in summer.
  • Tension to prevent rainwater from pooling on the fabric during wet season.
  • Fabrics chosen for long-lasting UV protection.

We can install anything up to 15 x 15 metres wide and between 2.4 – 4.5 metres in height.

This style of shade solution allows for more coverage and reduction of heat – a necessity when living in Queensland!

With a variety of fabric available (including shade cloth, permeable fabrics and waterproof fabrics), we’ll work with you to find the optimal Brisbane shade solution for your needs.

Call (07) 3889 7200 or contact us online to get started.